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Our mission is to create and provide opportunities for non-formal learning, and so support personal and professional growth, more active and quality life and help fulfill the potential of individuals and the community.

What we do?


Our local learning activities follow our mission - to help fulfilling the potential of individuals and the local community and support their personal and professional growth. We design our workshops to include actual topics and respond to current social challenges and needs, therefore we are open to suggestions.


Volunteering helps improving your pro-activity, initiative and interest in your environment and learning. Therefore we support volunteering projects and activities. You can turn to us if you have ideas for volunteering projects and look for organizational support.- we will be happy help you with the implementation and promotion.

International projects

Add international dimension to your learning and its value multiplies. Don’t you believe it? By learning in international environment you also learn about new places, cultures and mentalities. These days, you have such opportunities at your fingertips - for example, thanks to projects of Erasmus+ programme we promote.


We establish cooperations with other organizations and help promote their activities. Our goal is to make visible such projects and organizations, whose values are aligned with ours. We will gladly help you with medialization of your non-formal learning projects through our channels (blog, Facebook,e-mailing etc.)

Our mission

We want to build a platform where quality and innovative non-formal learning projects would  origin and grow, a platform that would support and promote active interest of individuals in improving their lives and their environment.

years of experience
partnering organizations


we support individuals and the community in developing and improving all types of skills ranging from hard skills to soft skills, including specific abilities, such as creativity, people skills, communication, emotional intelligence and much more.


or a place, a point, in our case an imaginary one. Our spot is where we are active - may it be in person or virtually. One of our spots is out website. Here is where we share with you what we are currently up to, what can you learn with us and how can you join.

Photos from our workshops


There is only one word to describe my experience with their international workshops - WOW! I was honoured to be one of the AFS members to take part in their youth exchange in Prague. Interesting workshops, fun and loads of new knowledge and skills and the magical beauty of the city. As for me, it couldn’t be better.

Adna (Bosna and Hercegovina)

Precise, reliable, creative. It was a pleasure to have them in my project last year. They are the type of partner I can 100% rely on and they definitely brought added value to the program through well performed workshops and also positive vibes to the group.

Marta (Latvia)

We've been partners in two international projects before and I am really happy for it. The SkillSpot team doesn't let you down, they are creative in problem solving and bring very friendly and open approach in every situation. I can't wait for our next opportunity.

Goran Jordović (Serbia)

Our values


We are aware that being mature means, among others, to accept the responsibility for one’s own actions and their impact on our lives and environment. That is how we can start actively working on improving of our influence on what is happening in our lives and the community.


Every learning process should start with self-reflection to reveal our strengths and weaknesses and understand what we need or want to improve. We don’t avoid self-reflection and we are always open to constructive criticism, because only like that we can be quickly moving forward.


We like to perceive our competition as a source of inspiration and we are open any kind of cooperation that leads to support and improvement of projects that help fulfilling our mission. We are building relationships with our partners and support each other in order to reach the best results.


We bring new procedures and innovative environment for your learning. We don’t refuse traditional approaches while at the same time, we want to create space for new methods for personal and professional growth, original solutions and creativity.


It is absolutely necessary for all of us to create. In our activities we therefore always try to be creative and open to new possibilities and points of view. We are aware that by improving creativity, each of us can develop our inner motivation.


We believe that the will and motivation to learn should always go hand in hand with humility and respect towards abilities and skills of others and also respect for different approaches and points of view. It also enables us to be more open to new things and use our potential of learning to the fullest.

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You can contact us: info@skillspot.org

Skillspot, z. s. IČ: 08057397 Bulharská 1401/38, Vršovice, 101 00 Praha 10 Spisová značka L 71795 vedená u Městského soudu v Praze